Do you want to get the most out of your IT investment with the least amount of disruptive downtime?

Downtime should be minimal if not completely avoidable

Downtime is not only disruptive it is also expensive. Staff twiddling their thumbs becasue they are unable to work costs money not only in wages but also in lost production.

It may not be possible to completely avoid downtime but it can be made a lot less common. This is one thing we are very good at.

Self-Healing Computers

How should computers work? Should they behave like humans and get slower as they get older? We don't think so. They should be as fast and responsive as the day they were put to use. Computers don't "slow down with age". They slow down from improper care and feeding. They should also be completely clean of any attack, like a virus attack, within 15 minutes of getting one (should such an attack be successful in the first place). And that cleaning should be done by anyone in the office without a call to an outside expert.

Are your machines all running as quickly and smoothly as when you first bought them?

We can create Self Healing Computers from the machines you already have. They are set up to run as efficiently and fast as they were capable of on their first day of use. At the first sign of any problem or slow down they can be instructed to Self Heal™ and will do so within about 15 minutes without a call out.

Does your network not work?

Your office network should allow you to share printers, internet connections, files and other data with everyone in your office. Additionaly people should be able to connect to your network from home if this is desirable to you, or whilst on the road. They should be able to do this securely and easily. A well set up and secured network can save you a lot of time and money.

How much of your IT investment is wasted?

Information technology is probably the most sophisticated range of tools ever devised. One relatively cheap computer can potentially perform thousands of tasks. They are the ultimate Swiss army knives. Many aspects of business can benefit from this. Advances occur all the time. Some of those could make a huge difference while others will be a blind alley. How can you tell the difference? Knowing which technology to adopt can have a dramatic effect on your bottom line.

There are hundreds of programs we have researched that could save you quite a bundle, like £300 plus per machine. Contact us for details.

Another thing that will have a dramatic effect on your bottom line and related to this is..

Good staff want to be productive and valuable

It gives job satisfaction and increases their security. Your staff should know their tools well and be able to use them easily. Most office staff know only the basics of programs like Internet Explorer or Firefox, Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook. A few know a little about Access. Some know how to do a mail merge. Hardly any know how to create simple macros that can save lots of time doing repetitive tasks. All these programs have many things built into them that can save a lot of time which can then be used to do more productive things.

Are your staff as knowledgable and able with their machines as you would like them to be?

We haven't yet discovered how to make Self Healing Staff but we do offer training that comes closet. We train people to to do things they couldn't do before. Probably everyone who offers training says that but mMost of them seem to consider their job done when they have read everything on their list. But just because the trainer has covered it does not mean those present got it.

So we don't work like that. Firstly we will find something valuable that isn't known but which is desired. Then we will offer training to fit that need. Then if the people taking it don't agree they have the desired result their fee is refunded in full.

Technical advice in plain English?

We have many years experience in many roles and in many types of organisation both small and very large. We understand what can be done with modern technology and we can show what it can do for you. We also understand it well enough to be able to explain it in English.

Software made to fit your business rather than the other way round?

Do you or your staff need to access important information that can be trusted to be up to date and accurate even though it might be changed and added to by multiple users? What about those who work at least some of the time out of the office? Can they access such data and even update it quickly and easily?

A well designed application can speed up the day to day running of the business and provide important and timely information very quickly to anyone you authorise to access it, so that all concerned can know the current state of things. Your application could be completely inside your office or available to anyone anywhere (that you authorise) from the internet. And it needn't be expensive. Because we have created many applications for others we already have many commonly used parts of such applications already written.

Is your website a cheap brochure or a powerful automatic business machine?

The purpose of your website is to sell something, offer support, provide a way to communicate with you, or a dozen other things. Whatever purposes it may have it is pretty certain that once your visitor has arrived on the first page that you want them to do something. You don't want them to have a quick glance and then leave without getting your message. Long gone are the days of the website as brochure. Today we want a lot more. Most urgently and importantly we want a reason to stay on your site and a reason to communicate with you. Rapid and clear communication is essential. We can provide the creative interest-grabbing hooks as well as the technical stuff to make your site worth going to and worth doing business with.

Data Recovery

If you have deleted vital data you should shut down the machine and not use it at all. Any further use could overwrite potentially easily recoverable data. If you did continue to use the machine there is still a chance it can be recovered but the higher the value of the data the less we wold recommend this.

Call us. We will use non-destructive means of recovery. The disk will be removed and worked on in our lab where an exact copy will be made for working on.

You wouldn't need data recovery if you had efficient and reliable...

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A reliable and efficient method of protecting your data through backups is obviously essential. We can set such a thing up for you in about 10 minutes per machine at a cost of less than £5 per month. It is insane not to have such a system.


If you had a computer, or computers, stolen what would be the chance of finding them and getting them back? We have a system that might enable that. This also takes about 10 minutes per machine to set up and costs just £10 per year per machine.